Single therapy

The single therapy setting is a professional setting for individual accompaniment in which your concern, your question or your problem is of central importance.

I accompany kids, adolescents and adults in the single therapy.

Possible questions in a single therapy setting are:

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Couples therapy

Relationships in all their various forms can be very challenging at times. Especially if certain patterns of behaviour have become established and you as a couple want to solve problems on your own. An impartial view from outside, a protected space, where you can sit down as a couple with your concern, can be very helpful at such times.

Through decelerated and structured dialogues, creative elements and bodywork, I give you tools that might be of help in your day-to-day life, so that you can return to a vivid exchange with your partner, clarify unsolved issues and develop new perspectives. I would be happy to accompany you as a couple on your search for individual, creative solutions.


The following questions can be of importance in couples therapy:

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Of course, it can also be the case that you both want to separate, or that one partner wants to split up. Then couples therapy can be used to calmly consider whether a separation is really the step that leads to a more satisfying and appropriate direction for you.

If children are affected by a divorce or a separation it might need a neutral space to develop a good basis for communication on the level of parenting.

Family therapy

Family therapy is for families that seek professional help during times of crisis. It helps to clarify conflicts, expand the room for manoeuvre, and cope with personal crises and strokes of fate. Whatever the reason that brings the family to the limit of their coping mechanisms, in the therapeutic process we work together to look for suitable ways and alternatives to what is looming or seems unsolvable. 

I remain at your side throughout this process, as a professional therapist and also as a human being.