Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching is a solution-focused, time-limited consulting process. In most cases it has professional, factual or psychodynamic questions or concerns as a topic.

Through target-relevant interventions I restore shine to your personal resources and abilities so that you can continue to work in the way you want to in your professional environment. 

During the coaching I give you explicit feedback and input that enable you to achieve your personal goal in the best possible way.

Parent coaching

During parent coaching I accompany you as parents if you are having problems with your child, if you don't know what to do, or if you have questions on educational issues. I give you helpful advice and input that invites you to try out new ways of dealing with your child. 

In parent coaching I offer you my developmental-psychological knowledge, and experience from 10 years' work with children and adolescents in the educational field as a Montessori teacher, as a youth worker in Vienna, and in community service with street kids in Ecuador. My attitude is strongly influenced by the work of Rebecca and Mauricio Wild, Gerald Hüther, Jesper Juul and Haim Omer. 


Do you have a question or are you finding it difficult to deal with a team member, with a client you are looking after, or with your role in your organization?

Single-person supervision can be a helpful form of counselling in such cases. You can reflect on your professional or voluntary work, develop goals and define a timeframe during which you wish to work on this.

The focus in the supervision might be the role or relationship dynamics between supervisee and client, collaboration in the team or in the organization of the supervisee, etc.


Team supervision

Team supervision is a professional consulting approach tailored to working life which is widely used in the psychosocial field.

It offers qualified support in the management of professional tasks and the reflection of professional action. Systemic supervision considers thinking and acting in networked relationships.


In my practice I accompany teams in learning, change and development processes. In doing so, I give you space to develop the resources and the potential that are necessary for the formation of new strategies. At the same time, it is important for me to appreciate what was already successful and to make it usable for what is currently required.